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X-tinction Agenda 1 Variant  (b11) Marvel 2015

X-tinction Agenda 1 Variant (b11) Marvel 2015

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X-tinction Agenda 1 Variant  (b11) Marvel 2015

Publisher Date
Marvel 2015

Comic Grade

Story / Notes

Variant Cover by Mike Deodato Jr.; Secret Wars tie-in; Kevin Dooley LOC

Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Galactus, Cameron Hodge, Invisible Woman, Dr. Aldus Kluge, Press Gang, Tam Anderson, Bulletproof, Havok, Karma, Mystique, Rictor, Wicked, Wolfsbane, King Thor, X-Men, Anole, Beast, Boom-Boom, Cyclops, Graymalkin, Lockheed, Magma, Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Rachel Grey), Rockslide, Rogue, Shadowcat, Strong Guy, Triage, Wolverine

Writer / Artist
Marc Guggenheim / Carmine Di Giandomencio

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