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Wolverine: The Best There Is - Contagion Softcover Graphic Novel (b17)

Wolverine: The Best There Is - Contagion Softcover Graphic Novel (b17)

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Wolverine: The Best There Is - Contagion

Paperback Wolverine (Marvel) (Quality Paper) English
By (author) Charlie Huston , Illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp

With his unbreakable, Adamantium-laced bones and claws, and seemingly limitless recuperative powers, Wolverine is virtually unkillable--and one of the world's deadliest fighters. But it's that same healing factor that makes him a target for Winsor, a walking disease factory who employs a small army of healers and immortals. Now, to test the limits of Wolverine's healing abilities, these vampires, demi-gods and madmen will push Logan to the limits of his endurance in ways more gruesome than he's ever encountered. These killers might have powers similar to Wolverine's, but only one can be the best there is. COLLECTING:
Format Paperback | 144 pages
Dimensions 168 x 259 x 12.7mm | 309g
Publication date 25 Jan 2012

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