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Universe X special DFE Variant   (B5) Marvel NM

Universe X special DFE Variant (B5) Marvel NM

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Universe X special DFE Variant   (B5) Marvel

IIn the wake of the events of Earth X, Captain America has reclaimed Earth for humanity. But he’s got a long row to hoe as he watches over Mar-Vell, the baby who is the key to the world’s salvation, and as Reed Richards works to find a cure for the virus that has mutated the human population of Earth into a race of supermen. You see, Virus X made mankind invulnerable to disease or death, and Mar-Vell and Reed Richards’ efforts will spark the return of humanity and mortality to a populace that doesn’t necessarily want to…um…devolve. Still, Captain America knows that Mar-Vell—the perfect child of Him and Her—is mankind’s last, best hope, and as the living symbol of all that is good and pure, he will protect the child from scorn and attack.

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