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Superman Wonder Woman 2 War Peace Softcover Graphic Novel (B3)

Superman Wonder Woman 2 War Peace Softcover Graphic Novel (B3)

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Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 2 : War And Peace (The New 52)

Paperback Superman / Wonder Woman English
By (author) Charles Soule

The dust may have settled in Smallville after Superman's encounter
with Doomsday, but the Man of Steel did not escape unscathed: infected by
Doomsday's toxic virus, Superman is slowly turning into a greater threat
to Earth than the alien monster ever was. Soon the plague that affected Clark
Kent's hometown has spread to Metropolis, and the new "Super
Doom" is leaving a path of destruction across the planet. Wonder Woman
alone believes her partner can still be saved - will she be proven right,
or will she be forced to do the unthinkable in order to save the world? Writer
Charles Soule and artist Tony S. Daniel lead an all-star creative team in
SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: WAR AND PEACE, chronicling the world's most powerful
couple as they face down Doomsday! Collects issues #8-12, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN
Format Paperback | 224 pages
Dimensions 166 x 255 x 9mm | 392g
Publication date 24 Nov 2015

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