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Star Wars Legacy The Hidden Temple Softcover Graphic Novel  (b17)

Star Wars Legacy The Hidden Temple Softcover Graphic Novel (b17)

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Star Wars - Legacy: Hidden Temple v. 5

Paperback Star Wars. Legacy English
By (author) John Ostrander , By (author) Jan Duursema , By (author) Omar Francia

130 years after the Battle of Yavin saw the destruction of the first Death Star, much has changed. The invasion of the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong saw the fall of the Republic and the rise of a new Galactic Alliance, under a benign Emperor, but the Sith have rebuilt and the Jedi are few. The pirate Rav has nearly every bounty hunter in the galaxy looking for Cade Skywalker, but he never anticipated what would happen if Cade himself came looking for him. Scores will be settled, and battles will be fought - the unfriendly way. Continuing the series by Star Wars stalwart John Ostrander, with artists Omar Francia and Alan Robinson, which maps out the future of the entire Star Wars universe!
Format Paperback | 104 pages
Dimensions 170 x 258 x 7mm | 224g
Publication date 27 Mar 2009