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Sonic the Hedgehog iss 54 (b30) Very Fine
Sonic the Hedgehog iss 54 (b30) Very Fine

Sonic the Hedgehog iss 54 (b30) Very Fine

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Archie Sonic the hedgehog 29 near Mint (b9)

Publisher Date
DC 1995

Comic Grade
Very Fine

Story / Notes
Steel Belted Sally


Writer / Artist

When game machine-maker Sega launched their challenge to market leader Nintendo, they needed a game which showed off the fast graphics of their new Genesis system. The answer was a furiously fun game called Sonic the Hedgehog. The game proved so popular that several follow-ons were created, and eventually it even became a comic book. The heroic hedgehog is a bundle of energy with supersonic sneakers that let him run incredibly fast. He needs all his skill and speed to stop the evil Doctor Robotnik, who plans to turn all the furry creatures of Mobius into robots. However, with the help of friends Princess Sally, Tails, and Knuckles, he’s ready to take on any nasty plan that Robotnik can cook up.

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