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Simpsons Illustrated iss 2 near mint (b18) US edition

Simpsons Illustrated iss 2 near mint (b18) US edition

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Comic Grade: At Least near mint.

Bongo 2 2012

From the Bongo Archives, when a psychotic clown sidekick comes to town with a plan to exact his revenge upon his archenemy, no one expects that vengeance-seeking harlequin to be Sideshow Cecil, Bob's brother, with a plan to kill his own archenemy - Lisa Simpson! Then, Bart's treehouse gets condemned when the tree in the Simpsons' backyard develops stump rot, and it's up to Bart and Milhouse to stand in the way of the bulldozers. Also, Radioactive Man finds himself in an alternate reality after an emergency stop in a convenient Portal Potty.

Interesting Facts:

Ian Boothby

Phil Ortiz

Andrew Pepoy


Shipped with bag and board

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