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Predator Versus Magnus Robot Fighter 1  (b8) Dark Horse 1992

Predator Versus Magnus Robot Fighter 1 (b8) Dark Horse 1992

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Predator Nemesis 1 and 2 (b8) Dark Horse 1997

Publisher Date
Dark Horse 1997/1998

Comic Grade
Near Mint 

Story / Notes


Writer / Artist
Gordon Rennie
Colin MacNeil

JA killer is stalking Victorian London, much like that old cur Jack the Ripper. Springheel Jack seems to delight in the kill, slicing up his victims and taking the heads of trophies. Only this new killer is far more than another shadowy serial killer. He’s a Predator—an alien hunter out on a big game safari where the quarry is man.

After a hard chase, the Predator’s ship was discovered in the sewers of London. While the Metro Police tried to pierce its secrets, one Captain Soames was called in by the mysterious Diogenes Club to put an end to the killer. What follows is a good old-fashioned hunt as the hopelessly outmatched Soames attempts to use his wits to stop the deadly Predator.! 

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