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Predator Nemesis  2  (b8) Dark Horse 1998 near mint

Predator Nemesis 2 (b8) Dark Horse 1998 near mint

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Predator Versus Magnus Robot Fighter 1 (b8) Dark Horse 1992

Publisher Date
Dark Horse 1992

Comic Grade
Near Mint

Story / Notes


Writer / Artist
Jim Shooter, John Ostrander
Lee Weeks

Predator: perhaps the only name that can be given to an alien warrior so fierce that other creatures are nothing but game to be hunted. Five such creatures were all that were required to decimate a squad of X-O space marines. The marines might have survived—except that there were six predators.

Magnus: a man raised by a robot to fight other robots. Living in a world where robots have begun to gain free will (and some use it to evil ends), he is the appointed savior of man, from its own technology.

These two meet when a trophy, an X-O helmet, falls into Magnus’s hands. While he searches for its significance, the answer explodes upon him with savage intensity.

A Dark Horse/Valiant team-up, Predator vs. Magnus is the fearsome match-up between two great warriors.

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