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MPH Mark Millar Softcover Graphic Novel (b6)

MPH Mark Millar Softcover Graphic Novel (b6)

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Paperback English
By (author) Mark Millar , By (artist) Duncan Fegredo

Growing up in Detroit, Roscoe and his friends know all about hard luck. But
their fates take a different turn when they stumble upon a street drug called
MPH - little pills that give them the power of super speed, and the
opportunity of a lifetime. Now holding the perfect Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card,
Roscoe leads Rosa, Chevy, and Baseball on a lightning-fast crime spree across
the nation. But as a good guy dealt a tough hand, that's not enough for Roscoe.
Before long, he and his friends are taking the fat cats for all they're worth,
and sharing their take with the masses. But zooming through their riches at
super-speed has a downside. The pills are running out, the Feds are cracking
down, and a mysterious figure named Mr. Springfield is teaming up with the
authorities, claiming to know more about the speedsters than they know about
themselves. When time is your only asset, what happens when the clock runs