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HAil Hydra Warzones   Softcover Graphic Novel  (b20) MArvel

HAil Hydra Warzones Softcover Graphic Novel (b20) MArvel

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Hail Hydra

Paperback Warzones English
By (author) Rick Remender , Illustrated by Roland Boschi

Safety through obedience. Strength in conformity. Hydra is watching. Welcome to a Domain ruled by Hydra, and its capital, New York. The city that had better sleep after curfew, if it knows what's good for it. But when the young hero named Nomad fi nds himself in this rotten Big Apple, he will challenge this regime of terror. Nomad is no stranger to hellish surroundings - he grew up in Dimension Z, where he was raised as Captain America's son. But in Hydra's zone of Battleworld, Nomad will face a new kind of nightmare. A very personal foe with an all-too-familiar face - the Sentinel of Subjugation known as Captain Hydra! COLLECTING: HAIL HYDRA, HANK JOHNSON, AGENT OF HYDRA 1
Format Paperback | 112 pages
Dimensions 168 x 259 x 2.54mm | 207g
Publication date 21 Jan 2016

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