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MArvel X-men issue 207  (2008) (b4) Near Mint

MArvel X-men issue 207 (2008) (b4) Near Mint

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MArvel X-men issue 207 messiah complex chapter 13 (2008) (b4)

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The stunning conclusion to Messiah CompleX. Everyone has an agenda, but do any trump the child’s destiny? Mutant savior or mutant destroyer, the combatants may come to regret their roles in this fight. And what becomes of the X-Men in the wake of the biggest fight of their lives?
Cable is stuck in between a gun-toting Bishop and a drooling Predator X. He fakes a move and Bishop fires at Predator X as Cable ducks out of the way. Predator X then moves in on Bishop and seems to rip off one of his arms.
Up above, the X-Men are still fighting the Marauders and Acolytes. Cyclops tells Wolverine to take his X-Force team to deal with Predator X

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