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Whitman TV editions

Whitman Published  an amazing array of TV comics and Books. A very popular Collectible are Whitman TV editions that were Published from the 1950's to the 1970's. From the golden age of Television.

The Library of things has put together a great list and Pictures. There are 98 books in the list. However I think some of the books listed are Authorized Editions not Authorised TV editions

Please find the list below, the *  represent our collection of Authorised TV editions

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Whitman Authorised TV Editions 

Annette and the Mystery at Moonstone Bay by Doris Schroeder
Annie Oakley in Danger at Diablo by Doris Schroeder
Annie Oakley in the Ghost Town Secret by Doris Schroeder
Annie Oakley: Double Trouble by Doris Schroeder
*Bat Masterson by Wayne C. Lee
*The Beverly Hillbillies: The Saga of Wildcat Creek by Doris Schroeder
Bewitched: The Opposite Uncle by William Johnston
*The Big Valley by Charles Heckelmann
Blackbeard's Ghost: The Story of Walt Disney's Motion Picture by Mary Carey McCabe
*Bonanza: Heroes of the Wild West by B. L. Bonham
*Bonanza: Killer Lion by Steve Frazee
*Bonanza: Treachery Trail by Harry Whittington
*Family Affair Buffy Finds a Star by Gladys Baker Bond
Cheyenne and the Lost Gold of Lion Park by Steve Frazee
Circus Boy: Under the Big Top by Dorothea J. Snow
Circus Boy: War on Wheels by Dorothea J. Snow
Dale Evans: Danger In Crooked Canyon by Helen Hale
*Combat!: The Counterattack by Franklin M. Davis
*Combat!: The Counterattack by Franklin M. Davis
*Dragnet: Case Histories from the Popular Television Series by Richard Deming
*F Troop: The Great Indian Uprising by William Johnston
*Flipper: The Mystery of the Black Schooner by Richard Hardwick
Fury and The Lone Pine Mystery by William Fenton
Fury and the Mystery at Trappers' Hole by Troy Nesbit
*Garrison's Gorillas and the Fear Formula by Jack Pearl
Gene Autry and the Badmen of Broken Bow by Snowden Miller
Gene Autry and the Big Valley Grab by W. H. Hutchinson
Gilligan's Island by William Johnston
The Gnome-Mobile: The Story of Walt Disney's Motion Picture by Mary Carey
*The Green Hornet: The Case of the Disappearing Doctor by Brandon Keith
Gunsmoke by Robert Turner
Gunsmoke by Doris Schroeder
*Gunsmoke: Showdown on Front Street by Paul S. Newman
Have Gun, Will Travel by Barlow Meyers
*Hawaii Five-0: Top Secret by Robert Sidney Bowen
*Hawaii Five-O: The Octopus Caper by Leo R. Ellis
*The High Chaparral: Apache Way by Steve Frazee
*The Invaders: Dam of Death by Jack Pearl
*Ironside: The Picture Frame Frame-Up by William Johnston
*Janet Lennon and the Angels by Barlow Meyers
*Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity by Barlow Meyers
Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers by Barlow Meyers
*Land of the Giants: Flight of Fear by Carl Henry Rathjen
Lassie and The Mystery at Blackberry Bog by Dorothea J. Snow
Lassie and the Secret of the Summer by Dorothea J. Snow
*Lassie: Forbidden Valley by Doris Schroeder
*Lassie: Lost in the Snow by Steve Frazee
*Lassie: The Mystery of the Bristlecone Pine by Steve Frazee
*Lassie: The Secret of the Smelters' Cave by Steve Frazee
*Lassie: The Wild Mountain Trail by I. G. Edmonds
*Lassie: Trouble at Panter's Lake by Steve Frazee
*Leave It To Beaver by Cole Fannin
*The Lennon Sisters: The Secret of Holiday Island by Doris Schroeder
*Lucy and the Madcap Mystery by Cole Fannin
*The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the Affair of the Gentle Saboteur by Brandon Keith
*The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the Affair of the Gunrunners' Gold by Brandon Keith
*Maverick by Charles I. Coombs
*Mission Impossible: The Money Explosion by Talmage Powell
*Mission Impossible: The Priceless Particle by Talmage Powell
*Star Trek Mission to Horatius by Mack Reynolds
*The Mod Squad: Assignment: The Arranger by Richard Deming
*The Mod Squad: Assignment: The Hideout by Richard Deming
The Monkees: Who's Got the Button? by William Johnston
*The Munsters and the Great Camera Caper by William Johnston
The Munsters: The Last Resort by William Johnston
*Patty Duke and Mystery Mansion by Doris Schroeder
Patty Duke and the Adventure of the Chinese Junk by Doris Schroeder
*The Rat Patrol: The Iron Monster Raid by I. G. Edmonds
*The Real McCoys: Danger at the Ranch by Cole Fannin
The Rebel by H. A. De Rosso
*The Restless Gun by Barlow Meyers
*Combat!: The Counterattack by Franklin M. Davis
Rin Tin Tin and Call to Danger by Doris Schroeder
Rin Tin Tin and The Ghost Wagon Train by Cole Fannin
Rin Tin Tin's Rinty: An original story featuring Rinty, son of the famous movie dog, Rin Tin Tin by Julie Campbell
*Ripcord by D. S. Halacy
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in River of Peril by Cole Fannin
Roy Rogers and the Brasada Bandits by Cole Fannin
Sea Hunt by Cole Fannin
Sir Lancelot by Dorothy Haas
*I Spy: Message from Moscow by Brandon Keith
Tarzan and the Lost Safari by Edgar Rice Burroughs
*Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea by Raymond F. Jones
*Wagon Train by Troy Nesbit
Walt Disney's Annette and the Mystery at Smuggler's Cove by Doris Schroeder
Walt Disney's Annette: Mystery at Medicine Wheel by Barlow Meyers
Walt Disney's Annette: Sierra Summer by Doris Schroeder
Walt Disney's Annette: The Desert Inn Mystery by Doris Schroeder
Walt Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks by Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney's Spin and Marty by Lawrence Edward Watkin
Walt Disney's Spin and Marty: Trouble at Triple-R by Doris Schroeder
Walt Disney's The Missadventures of Merlin Jones by Mary Carey
Walt Disney's The Prince and the Pauper by Lee Wyndham
*Walt Disney's Zorro by Steve Frazee
The Waltons: Up She Rises! by Gladys Baker Bond
Wells Fargo and Danger Station by Sam Allison
Wyatt Earp by Monica Hill