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Star Trek Next Generation The Space in Between

IDW Publishing obtained the license to publish Star Trek comics in 2006, which was at a time when the franchise had no current television show on the air. The company decided to concentrate on The Next Generation era, although other intriguing series were in the pipeline, such as Klingons: Blood Will Tell and a continuation of the original series tentatively titled, Season Space Between is a six-issue mini-series that, as its name implies, features adventures that occurred between the episodes we saw on television.


The first issue is set very early in the Next Generation’s run, evidenced by the presence of Tasha Yar, (who, portrayed by Denise Crosby, only appeared in the first season). In the premiere issue the Enterprise visits a planet where all information is supplied to the population electronically. There are no books or tangible printed pieces and the away team, Commander Ryker, Data and Tasha Yar discover that history is being re-written with alarming series is tightly written by David Tischman, (American Century) and illustrated by Casey Maloney.

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