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Phantom the ghost who walks

Four hundred years ago, Sir Christopher Standish’s merchant ship was attacked by pirates. The only survivor was Christopher’s son, Kit, who washed ashore in the African land of Bangalla. Later, he came across the skull of the pirate who killed his father, and swore an oath by that skull to fight evildoers and pirates everywhere. In that quest, he donned the mask and costume of the Phantom.

Kit’s quest was passed down through the years through his heirs, with a male in each generation taking up the mask. The Phantom of the modern day is actually the twenty-first person to wear the mask, but to natives, he is simply the man who would not die—the “Ghost-Who-Walks.”

A longtime pulp hero, the Phantom made the transition to comic books with this series. During its run, it moved between publishers Gold Key and King Features Syndicate before finally settling in as a Charlton publication.

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