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Mighty Thor

In Journey into Mystery #83, Dr. Don Blake was vacationing in Europe. Although he was cursed with a bad leg, the doctor liked to get out and walk as often as possible, albeit with aid of a cane. It was on one of those walks that he discovered an alien invasion force that had just landed. The doctor ran from the aliens in fear, taking refuge in a cave. It was there that he discovered the strange, gnarled cane that would change his life. For when he struck that cane on a rock, he himself changing into thunder god Thor. The cane became Thor’s Uru Hammer.

Using his new powers, he stopped the alien invasion, but his new life was just beginning. In addition to his solo adventures, Thor became a cornerstone of the Avengers. Unfortunately, the character of Dr. Donald Blake couldn’t measure up. Accordingly, Marvel “revealed” that there never truly was a Blake after all, only a Thor who had “lost his identity” while in an Odin-imposed exile on Earth.

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