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Archie Purheart was of the many Pathways the Archie Gang have taken over the years. As the campy Batman TV series gained massive popularity in 1966, the Archie line tried to jump on the bandwagon by transforming Archie Andrews into a super-hero parody called Captain Pureheart.

Captain Pureheart wore a costume similar to Superman’s except with opposite colors; for example, Pureheart’s cape was blue and the rest of his outfit was dominated by red.

The title didn’t really spoof any super-hero titles or stories in general; the series mainly offered the usual lighthearted Archie fare except that Archie spent more time fighting crime than choosing between Betty and Veronica. Archie’s high-school rival Reggie donned spandex as well as Evilheart. Low on violence, high on silliness

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