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Frew Comic The Phantom

Off the coast of Bengali, more than 450 years ago, a merchant ship was attacked by pirates. The sole survivor of the attack swears to avenge his father’s death, and to devote his live to the eradication of evil.

He becomes the first Phantom, and even after his death, the struggle is continued by his descendants, who many wrongly believe are all the same man. Thus was born the legend of the Phantom’s immortality.

The series presents brave feats of derring-do and high adventure in a classic style of story-telling where evil men rightly fear the wrath of the Phantom.

This long-running Australian publication contains both reprints of classic Phantom material by Lee Falks, as well as new adventures. Thanks to the Phantom’s “immortality,” the tales can cover any number of former Phantoms and range historically from the first Phantom through to the present.