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Comic Book Era's explained

Comic Book Era's Explained

The Golden Age 1938-1950

The debut of DCs Superman in Action comics number 1 by Jerry Siegal and Joe Schuster Changed comic for ever. The is the start of the golden age of comics.

The Million dollar comic books come from this Era. Action Comics 1 and Detective comics 27 (First Batman)

The Silver Age (1956-1960)

DC Showcase 4 reintorduced the flash to new Fans. The success of the comic creted demand for more superhero's. Justice league and Green Lantern Followed.

MArvel Followed and became the leader of the industry with Spider-man, Avengers and Fantastic Four. The Lee and Kirby partnership Dominates.

Bronze Age (1970-1985)

Comic Code Authority's influence starts to fade. Stories become more complex. Spider-mans Girlfriend dies. Star Wars, Conan and Watchmen are part of this era.

DC's Crisis on infinite earths brings the Bronze Age to a close.

Modern Age (1985 to present)

1990's see comic crisis as a speculator bubble collapse

Comic Book characters become the staple of many box office movie hits.

DC relaunch in 2011 (new 52) followed by Rebirth