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Batman Nevermore elseworld series

Batman: Nevermore #1 pairs ever so naturally the grim avenger of the night with the definitive writer of grim stories and poems. The teaming of Batman and Edgar Allan Poe is a match made in Heaven (or should that be Hell?), and the creative team of Len Wein, Guy Davis, and Bernie Wrightson (cover artist) do the intriguing concept justice by delivering a nicely packaged, well-told, highly accessible tale that can be enjoyed by Poe fans and non-fans alike. Poe is portrayed realistically as a struggling writer with big dreams, and his uncomfortable brush with the upper class (including a haughty Bruce Wayne) rings true, especially given the sensibilities of the era concerning what it meant to be a gentleman. (Poe’s threadbare coat obviously meant that he couldn’t possibly be a gentleman.)

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